Deep Learning


Since about 2012, the use of neural networks has swept through the field of machine learning. State of the art results in image recognition, natural language processing and reinforce learning are all dominated by deep learning.  A huge advantage of neural networks is that they are built up from individual layers that can be combined in a myriad of ways like Lego blocks so that the inductive bias of the model fits the problem.  

Reinforcement Learning (RL)


Despite the success of deep learning in fields like image recognition and natural language, the real jump from simple cognitive task to intelligent planning / executing is through Deep Reinforcement Learning, an A.I. that learns and adapts in environments just like we do, through trial and error, explore and exploitation, and constantly planning steps ahead to reach the best end state. Think about everything we do in life, is a reinforcement learning process, and the term itself is from Psychology. We believe as in AlphaGo, this is the true A.I. for the future, so we have been working tirelessly on our RL agent since 2016, and strive to make sure every business adapt for the future.

Quantitative Trading

Our sister company, A.I. Capital Management is engaged in quantitative trading, and pioneers the use of fully end-to-end Deep Reinforcement Learning in quantitative trading. We have had consistent success in actively trading cash FX markets, and are now offering bespoke RL solution through strategic partnership with quantitative trading firms in different markets.  But our RL's application does not stop in trading. Millions of businesses will struggle to adapt in the age of AI. Therefore, we have a consulting wing dedicated to providing business optimization with the best RL agents in the markets.

Building the AlphaGo for your business with

Deep Reinforcement Learning 

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Making sure your business adapt in the age of AI.

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